Dental implants are currently the most natural method for replacing a tooth or supporting teeth and may be used in several ways. You can replace a single tooth with a single implant and a crown on top. You can put several implants in and place a bridge with three or four teeth supported by two implants. You can also use dental implants to hold or lock down a denture, giving the dentures more strength and stability than dental adhesives alone. It’s almost like having your teeth back.

Dental Implants permanent tooth replacements. Although in few circumstances, implants can fail, the success rate is very high.

The dental implant itself is made out of a special type of titanium metal, and it is a hollow cylinder that is put down into the bone. You must allow approximately two to three months for healing, during which time the bone heals against the implant, locking it in place. After the healing process, a post will be placed into the hollow part of the implant, and then the crown or bridge goes on top.

Before a dental implant is surgically placed, Dr. Rhodes will take a series of three-dimensional x-rays to look at the area where the implant will be set to ensure that there is sufficient bone to support the implant. If there is insufficient bone, grafting can be done to supplement the bone before the dental implant is surgically inserted into the mouth.

Dental implants are a comfortable, long-lasting solution to missing teeth. They are effective alternatives to bridges and dentures but are longer-lasting, stronger, and feel and function more like natural teeth. Dental implants are the most natural-looking replacement that dentists can offer for patients looking to address missing teeth.

Dr. Rhodes of Hunt Valley Dental encourages patients to consider dental implants when appropriate. You can learn more about the benefits of dental implants by scheduling a consultation appointment today!

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