SureSmile® aligners in Hunt Valley, MD: A removable, discreet alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment

The process of straightening crooked, crowded, or otherwise misaligned teeth shouldn’t be a source of additional stress, embarrassment, or pain. At Hunt Valley Dental, serving northeastern MD, we offer orthodontic treatment options that are easy to wear and care for, effective, discreet, and a significant investment in your smile, health, and well-being.  SureSmile® aligners are not braces. They are an alternative to traditional systems that use silver-hued brackets, wires, and bands to realign teeth gradually.

The SureSmile® system

SureSmile® straightens teeth with a series of transparent aligner “trays.” These trays are oral appliances that slip into the mouth. They are customized to your teeth and gums. So, they precisely fit over your teeth, similar to a whitening tray, retainer, or nightguard, or oral splint. Once in your mouth, these aligners place gentle yet consistent force on the teeth to gradually move them into their proper positions.

Patients of Dr. Thomas Rhodes appreciate that the aligners are made from a smooth, BPA-free thermoplastic. They don’t rub up against the insides of your mouth. There are no wires that can break and require a trip to the orthodontist’s office for repairs. Notably, the aligners are not “fixed” to your teeth. You can take them in and out of your mouth with no problem. What that means for our SureSmile® patients is that:

  • They can eat their favorite foods comfortably and enjoy meals throughout treatment. 
  • They can maintain good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing). 
  • They do not need to undergo a difficult adjustment period as they transition to wearing aligners.
  • You do not need to learn techniques to brush, floss, speak, or eat (since the aligners are removable).
  • Can easily clean the trays to keep them fresh and free of bacteria. 
  • Do not require specialized oral care products, as is the case when cleaning around traditional “fixed” braces.

Are you ready to smile confidently again? 

Dr. Rhodes looks forward to meeting you! During a consultation, we can show you exactly how your teeth will look at different stages of treatment. We can create a realistic model of your mouth using sophisticated intraoral (inside the mouth) scanners, software, and 3-Dimensional printers. Using this model, we can then simulate the treatment process. Scans are generally less invasive and more comfortable than gooey, gag-inducing impressions with bitewings. The scanner is also highly precise; it measures more than 1 million points every second. Since these scans are also used to fabricate your aligner trays, this process and technology support trays that fit optimally and comfortably. 

Compliance and wearing the trays in the correct order are essential. When worn as directed, for around 20 to 22 hours daily, you can straighten your teeth effectively within two to 24 months. Call our Hunt Valley office at (410) 705-2111 to schedule your appointment. We are also privileged to serve families in Cockeysville, Towson, Baltimore, and throughout northeastern MD.