Teeth whitening is a great way to improve your smile if you struggle with stained or discolored teeth. Dr. Rhodes at Hunt Valley Dental offers two ways to whiten your teeth quickly and easily.

The first method of teeth whitening is with the at-home whitening system. Dr. Rhodes creates a custom tray that holds whitening gel on the teeth.  The patient can wear this tray while sleeping at night or for 45 minutes to an hour during the daytime. After approximately one week, patients will notice significant whitening of their smiles. With this method, the patient can control how much whitening they want by how many gel applications they use. The more applications, the whiter the teeth get. If your teeth whiten slowly, then more applications may be necessary to achieve the desired results. For patients with either very deep or extensive staining, Dr. Rhodes recommends what he refers to as his deep whitening protocol using slightly different material and a particular type of tray to achieve more substantial results.

Dr. Rhodes does not recommend In-office Whitening such as Zoom due to the high level of sensitivity patients experience and the possible level of a rebound where the staining comes back.

Teeth whitening results can be maintained using whitening trays for one or two applications every six months. By periodically whitening your teeth with the at-home trays, you can help keep your whitened smile and keep the colors consistent.

Many patients ask about over-the-counter products for whitening. These products do not work as well as the systems offered at your dentist’s office. The best of the over-the-counter products are the Crest Whitening Strips.

Teeth Whitening at Hunt Valley Dental

Teeth Whitening at Hunt Valley Dental
Do you have discolored teeth and want to get it whitened? They can discolor for various reasons. atch this video by Dr. Tom Rhodes from Hunt Valley Dental to know all about teeth whitening.

What causes teeth discoloration?

Hi, this is Dr. Tom Rhodes at Hunt Valley Dental. We serve Northern Baltimore County and the Greater Baltimore area. Today I’d like to speak to you about tooth whitening.

Teeth can discolor for many different reasons. Often it’s from the things we’re eating and drinking. Coffee and tea are some of the worst. Tobacco is also one.

What are the teeth whitening options available?

There are several different ways that you can get tooth whitening.

But the way that we recommend is what we call the at-home whitening system.

What is the treatment process?

With this system, we take impressions of your mouth and then fabricate clear soft trays that hold the whitening gel on your teeth, which can be worn in one of two ways.

There’s a whitening gel designed for nighttime use. You can wear it while you’re sleeping.

There’s also a gel designed for daytime use. You wear it for about 45 minutes during the day. It takes about two weeks to achieve results using this, but this is the safest and the most reliable method of whitening your teeth.

Sensitivity is a common side effect when patients opt for teeth whitening and bleaching. However, Hunt Valley Dental offers several different products that can be put into the whitening trays to decrease or eliminate the sensitivity. Patients can also consider Tylenol or Motrin if they are experiencing sensitivity. Otherwise, most patients will whiten their teeth without any side effects whatsoever.

Call Dr. Rhodes today at (410) 771-6300 to schedule a consultation to determine which teeth whitening system is best for you!

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