Are your poorly fitting dentures making it difficult to eat? Do your dentures make you look older than you are? When Dr. Rhodes makes a set of dentures, he takes the time necessary to achieve the best possible fit and most natural appearance. Here at Hunt Valley Dental, we pride ourselves in creating “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures!”

Our dentures are made with the highest quality materials, using premium-grade denture teeth and ensuring that the patient’s new smile fits their face and personality! Dr. Rhodes of Hunt Valley Dental takes the time to make sure that a patient’s dentures fit correctly and are customized to his patient’s desires. By having a well-fitted denture, most patients can recover almost all of their chewing ability. For those patients who cannot have a comfortable denture due to the shape of their jaw, implants can lockdown and stabilize a denture. 

A denture supported by implants is more stable than a traditional denture. Implant-supported dentures eliminate most food restrictions, make it easy to speak clearly and confidently, and eliminate the worry of loose or slipping dentures. In some cases, Dr. Rhodes may recommend mini-implants. These are smaller, less invasive, and less expensive implants used to hold dentures.

Implant-supported dentures can be smaller than traditional dentures. That’s because the dentures are stabilized by implants rather than suction, as with standard full dentures.

As with anything that goes into the mouth, oral hygiene is essential. Patients need to make sure that they clean their dentures regularly and adequately, cleaning them daily with either a brush and special denture toothpaste or one of the unique denture cleaning products available over the counter. Dentures may also need to be replaced or adjusted over time, so you must contact your dentist if your dentures become ill-fitting, start causing sores in your mouth, or are not staying in place as they once did.

If you are ready for “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures,” call Dr. Rhodes today to schedule a consultation and see what quality dentures can do to restore and rejuvenate your beautiful smile!

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