Many individuals avoid the dentist each year because of an unexplainable fear of the dentist’s chair. All of the remarkable advances in dentistry can’t do a thing for you if you don’t go to the dentist. Many estimate that almost half the population has some dental fear. It can range from being slightly uncomfortable to a paralyzing fear preventing them from even entering a dental office. When patients do not maintain their regular dental appointments, they risk leaving major problems unaddressed. Sedation dentistry is one way that Dr. Rhodes at Hunt Valley Dental ensures his patients are comfortable and relaxed. Many of our patients have expressed their thanks to our team for providing them with the first “enjoyable” dental visit.

Sedation dentistry helps Dr. Rhodes get his patients to a state in which they are relaxed, anxiety-free, and comfortable to have the work done that they need. Some individuals need sedation for almost every procedure, while others may only need it when extensive dental work is involved. Everyone is different, but it is essential to Dr. Rhodes that everyone has a positive experience at the dental office.

The dosage of medication used is customized to allow you to have the best possible dental visit. Dr. Rhodes wants you to be relaxed and comfortable. Oral Sedation is a wonderful option for those patients with fears and anxieties. The protocol is very safe and effective; thousands of dentists have used it with proven results.

No matter your fears and anxieties, Dr. Rhodes wants to ensure that you can receive the care you require and avoid experiencing problems caused by delay. Call Hunt Valley Dental today to schedule a consultation and examination and discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry.

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